Oproep: Business Angels doe mee met de EIF Business Angels Survey


3 februari 2022

Business Angels Connect

Please participate in the new wave of the EIF survey 2021. We need your help and support to successfully place the Netherlands in the European angel ecosystem.

BAN Nederland is one of the partners of the EIF Business Angels Survey 2021 and we would like to invite you to take part in this unique European-wide study conducted by the EIF, the European Investment Fund (www.eif.org), leading European public provider of risk capital. Most of the European countries are involved and Business Angels Netzwerk Deutzland is co-ordinating the survey.

The purpose of this study is to investigate the European landscape of business angels (BAs) and the current market situation as well as BA activities and interest in the fields of climate action and green financing. This is the fourth wave of the EIF BA Survey. The results of previous waves are published in the EIF Working Paper series.

We have taken great care to ensure that we meet the strict requirements of data protection: In order to avoid that we share personal data with the EIF, it was agreed that the EIF creates individual “dummy-invitation links” which just have an ID number per individual angel and no personal information. So, the EIF will receive only anonymised data and only aggregated results will be published.

The survey is designed to take approximately 20-25 minutes to complete.You can always close the survey and complete it later; your previous responses will still be visible to you. The responses should reflect the characteristics/opinion of the BA her-/himself (and not those of any delegate). There are no right or wrong answers to the survey questions.

Please be advised that certain features of the survey may not be displayed properly when using Internet Explorer. We would therefore highly recommend the use of an alternative browser.

Please click on the following link to start the survey:


What we really, really want is a high response rate. This is ambitious and we fully appreciate your time commitment, but you will help not only the policy makers but all of us who are engaged in the angel markets to analyse and further develop the business angel ecosystems.

As BAN Nederland we very much hope that many Dutch angels will fill out the questionnaire to make the high standard of the German business angel ecosystem visible at European level.

Should you nevertheless not be interested in this survey, please let us know by return email and we will not be contacting you further.

If you have any questions or troubles, please feel free to contact us. And if you get the invitation to participate in the survey twice (because your contact details are maybe in the list of another partner) we would like to ask you to participate in this survey only once and not to forward the survey invitation.

Met vriendelijke groeten/best regards,


Peter van Meersbergen, Keith Wallace, Douwe Westervaarder, René Reijtenbagh

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