Golden Aurora 2020: Europe’s Female Angel Investor of the year 2020: NL kandidaten gezocht!


3 februari 2020

BAN Nederland

The Golden Aurora 2020 for
Europe‘s Female Angel Investor of the year 2020!
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Who is eligible to be nominated?
Any active female angel investor with a permanent residence in Europe
Who can nominate?
The female angel investor is to be nominated by anyone, be it one of her

portfolio start-ups or a colleague. The nomination should answer the fol-
lowing questions: How does she support start-ups, both in terms of finan-
cing and entrepreneurial backing? What is special about working with her?

How do I nominate my angel?
The nominations can be supplied until May, 31st, 2020 here:

A jury of experienced angel investors and distinguished players of the eco-
system all over Europe will decide on the winner. The ceremony will be

held during the „German Business Angels Day“ on November, 8th, 2020
in Cologne.
Why Golden Aurora?
In Roman mythology, Aurora opens the gates of the sky to allow the sun to
rise. Female Angels also open gates for their start-ups that may result in

golden opportunities. Also, the award is able to shed light on the contribu-
tions of Female Angels like Aurora sheds light every dawn.

Business Angels Netzwerk Deutschland will hand out the annual Golden Aurora Award for Europe’s Female Angel Inves-
tor of the year 2020. The winner of the Golden Aurora will be expected to serve as an ambassador for Female Angels in

Europe.It ist a clear objective to motivate more women to become angel investors. BAND

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