BiD Network’s Impact Investment Trip to Uganda

20 maart 2017

20 - 24 Mrt 2017

Laura Smeets


Are you interested in investing in Uganda? Join our upcoming investor trip from 20-24 March 2017.

In this five-day investor trip we offer potential investors the opportunity to visit a number of pre-selected and well-prepared businesses from BiD Network’s portfolio. The trip also provides you the opportunity to meet with other stakeholders in the investment environment, including the Uganda Investment Authority, Dutch embassy, local investors and banks. Moreover, it enables you to share knowledge and possibly co-invest with other like-minded investors.

The selected businesses operate in different sectors, including agriculture, health, renewable energy and financial services. They have one common denominator: they are high-potential and all have a positive impact on their communities, be it via job creation or a product or service that makes life better or easier. All businesses have been selected based on their annual turnover (>$100,000), proof of market, the scalability of their business model and the management capacities of the entrepreneurial team.

Why you should join:
– Unique opportunity to personally meet Ugandan entrepreneurs and visit their venues
– Network, and potentially co-invest, with a group of like-minded investors
– Meet other stakeholders in the investment environment of Uganda
– The trip includes two masterclasses in the Netherlands to make most out of the trip:
A pre-deal masterclass which explains you more about the investment process (screening, due diligence, structuring and negotiation)
And a post-deal masterclass (managing the investment, monitoring and exiting)

Interested in joining this year’s trip? Register before February 15. More information and registration via Bidnetwork.

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