EIT Health Investors Lounge in samenwerking met Business Angels Connect op 6 november in Gent


21 oktober 2019

BAN Nederland

U(Z)Gent and EIT Health kindly invite you to the EIT Health Investor Lounge which takes place on November 6th in Ghent, Belgium with the support of Business Angels Connect, BHIC, imec.iStart and Vlerick Business School. The highly interactive programme consists of two pitching sessions and a panel discussion.
• The first pitch session will consist of the Belgian-Dutch selection of the HeadStart competition, which exposes 7 young start-ups (typically looking for a seed or series A funding) of which 3 will receive a grant of 50.000€.
• The panel discussion will address the theme ‘how to build effective teams’ from four different angles.
• The second pitch session will give four pre-selected ventures within the EIT Health Investor Network the floor to present their Investment propositions to you (typically looking for a series A). They focus on Digital Health Solutions and Disruptive Medical Devices.
A more detailed agenda can be found in annex with the names of the speakers and the participating start-ups. During the lounge there will also be opportunities to network and to interact directly with the ventures. Registration for the event is online, where you will find the agenda and the route description to the venue. A brief description of the participating start-ups is also provided.
For the programm and register please mail René Reijtenbagh via Reijtenbagh@businessangelsconnect.nl

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