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7 september 2020

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EIF and BAE building the first Europe-wide Angel survey on impact COVID-19

The European Investment Fund (EIF) is planning a large-scale Europe-wide business angels survey, starting early October 2020. The study is particularly relevant because it is the first study of its kinds to to analyze the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the investment behavior of business angels across Europe. The cooperation is managed by Business Angels Network Germany e.V. (BAND), and supported by the BAE secretariat.

Work is currently underway to put together a “European Business Angels Sample”, which is made up of national samples from the BAE member associations and an EIF sample. Data protection and confidentiality have top priority: all answers are processed anonymously. BAE and BAND asks all angel investors who receive an invitation to participate in the EIF Angels Survey 2020 in early October to kindly fill out the questionnaire.

The study offers the unique opportunity to analyze market developments during the pandemic, to coordinate options for action to strengthen early-stage financing across Europe and, where necessary, to readjust key parameters.

Last November, the EIF had already carried out a groundbreaking survey of those angels who are linked by a co-venture agreement with the European Angels Fund (EAF), which Germany, with the support of BAND, had played a pioneering role in establishing (BrANDneues 7/2019 ).

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