Aanmelden voor het EIT Health Investors Network


16 maart 2020

BAN Nederland

Ben je een ondernemer in de Health sector en op zoek naar financiering door private investeerder(s) meld je dan aan via onderstaande link.

Ben je als investeerder interesse om aangesloten te zijn meld je dan aan bij Business Angels Connect de lokale NL/Be partner. via René Reijtenbagh:

reijtenbagh@businessangelsconnect.nl  06 28909185

Please be aware that the call for applications to the Investor Network is open.

What ’s new this year ? 

A sustainability element has been introduced since now all applying companies shall pay 1000 euros application fee via https://www.weezevent.com/start-up-application.


Please note that the guidebook has been updated

Here is what you can tell your companies regarding this fee:


This fee covers for all :

  • a detailed review and assessment of your project by our evaluation team
  • a one-hour web call with two healthcare investors, expert in either Biotech, Medtech, Digital Health carefully selected by our team throughout Europe.
  • a one-page report filled with your evaluation grade, your strengths, recommendations and an oral feedback post results.
  • Administrative follow-up of each application
  • A tool kit of documents to help you with your fundraising journey

In case of acceptance: 

  • A full one year entry into the Investor Network
  • Feature in at least one newsletter and one dealletter sent to all our investors
  • Personalised push by our team towards selected investors.
  • Invitation to pitch at various events in Europe or by webpitch
  • Access to the EIT Health Network , its partners and  programs.
  • A pan-European Press release and communication campaign in case of successful Fundraising

In case of non acceptance : For results above 60 % the possibility to reapply after 6 months for free.

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