High Tech Campus Eindhoven

High Tech Campus Eindhoven is called the smartest km² in Europe. The site comprises more than 140 companies with over 10,000 people from 85 nationalities working here. Past decade we’ve witnessed how open collaboration within our trusted ecosystem can rapidly accelerate companies in bringing products to market. What explains our consistent level of achievement in innovation and acceleration of startups?

Located in Brainport Eindhoven region, the Campus houses more than 40 start-up/scale-up companies. As these young, innovative tech companies have a potential impact on tomorrow’s society, we put everything in place to fuel their businesses. A good start-up climate is one in which there is a balance between exploration and exploitation. As well as R&D, great inventions need to have sufficient time, assistance and access to international funds to scale-up and reach a global market. Standing on the shoulders of giants in our ecosystem such as Philips, ASML, Intel and NXP, startups can focus their funds on scaling up.

HighTechXL, located at the Campus, runs effective accelerator/incubator programs at which hardware startup founders are supported throughout all chapters of their entrepreneurial quest. The comprehensive programs serve as a practical blueprint that guides hardware founders all the way from idea to prototype to scale-up. They cover the Hardware Startup 101, boost sales and supply chain management, and take a deep dive into the growth

HighTechXL Plaza is a platform that empowers early-stage startups as well as scale-ups. The hub is fine-tuned to assist young tech companies in their first 5 years of existence – helping to start-up, through scale-up, and then “stay up” as an established international enterprise. Its unique combination of knowledge, facilities, and network makes it the ultimate space where startups, scale-ups, and investors can work & connect under the same roof.

It needs no further explanation that we have excellent investment opportunities at High Tech Campus Eindhoven. Are you interested in investing in startups located at the Campus? Besides the on-site Venture Capital Desk
organized by Brabant Development Agency (BOM) our High Tech Campus team is happy to connect you to entrepreneurs, the accelerator team and investors in our ecosystem.

High Tech Campus Eindhoven
  • Automobile and Transport
  • Clean tech and Eco innovation
  • Computing and Electronics
  • Consumer Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Med Tech and Digital Health
  • Internet of Things
  • Life Sciences
  • Materials and Manufacturing
  • Mobile and Telecoms
  • Renewables and Energy
  • Seed
  • Start
  • Expansie
  • Buyout
  • Turnaround en herfinancieringen
  • < 150 k
  • 150.000 – 250.000
  • 250.000 - 500.000
  • 500.000 - 1.000.000
  • 1.000.000 – 2.000.000
  • > 2.000.000
Regionale focus:
  • Agglomeratie/steden
  • Landelijk
  • Provincies
  • EU Landen
  • Intercontinentaal

High Tech Campus 1, The Strip
5656 AE Eindhoven


P.O. Box 80036
5600 JW Eindhoven

Contactpersoon:Bert-Jan Woertman
Telefoon:040-2305502 / 06-22985029