sep 2019

ESIL Study visit Dutch Angel market daarop volgend naar Duitsland Study visit

Toegevoegd door: BAN Nederland
Tijd: vanaf 10.00 uur
ESIL Study Visit Germany-Netherlands Thursday, 12th September 2019 Netherlands The Dutch Study visit will be on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven The Dutch business angels eco-system will also be invited. 10.00 am Philips Health Works, High Tech Campus 33 Welcome BAN Netherlands with coffee and tea 10.10 am Welcome and introduction to Philips HealthWorks and the Patient Startup Program Rocco van Berg, Innovation Lead and Program Director Presentation, on site tour, Special attention how Philips Ventures is involved. 11.00 AM visit High Tech Campus XL, High Tech Plaza, The Greenhouse Betsey Lindsey, Managing Director Investors relations, High Tech Campus XL Presentation, on site tour. Special attention to how business angels scene is connected. “Best practices in business angels syndication, cooperation and cross border cooperation”” Lunch 14.00 PM From Startup Delta to Nils Beers, Managing director 14.30 PM Dutch Business Angels policy on syndication: Seed Capial and Seed Business Angel”" Moniek van Lieshout de presentatie verzorgen. De titel in het programma mag luiden als volgt: “Seed Capital and Seed Business Angel (RVO)” Mark Lagendijk en Moniek van Lieshout, programma managers RVO 15.00 PM Best practices on Cross border investments: EIT Health Investorsnetwork and Angelfunding Germany Caroline Sai, Angel Santé Paris René Reijtenbagh, Business Angels Connect/Angelfunding Germany 15.30 PM How business Angels and Crowdfundingplatforms cooperate in the Netherlands Douwe Westervaarder, Matching Capital 15.50 PM Break 16. 20 PM Daily Live of a Business Angel in the Netherlands Annegien Blokpoel, Business Angel Bernd Mintjes, Business Angel 17.30 PM: Bus leaving for Essen 19.30 PM BAN Netherlands – BAN Deutschland Diner at Zollverein Essen Friday, 13th September 2019 BAND HotspotTour: Angels and Start-ups in the Metropolitan Area of the Ruhr 08.00 to 10:00 a.m. Transfer Netherlands -Germany, Essen, UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site Zeche Zollverein, Essen 10.30 am Welcome Insights about the German markets Angels Investing at its best Matthias Wischnewsky, Business Angels Netzwerk Deutschland e.V. Start-up Ecosystem Ruhr Carmen Radeck, journalist, founder RuhrGrü Start-up Campus Zollverein Christian Lüdtke, Gründerallianz Ruhr From coal mining to digital transformation: How Old and New Economy create future • Helmut an de Meulen, Vorsitzender pro Ruhrgebiet e.V., Gründer und Aufsichtsrat Materna GmbH Information & Communications SE, Dortmund • Alexander Hain, Head of the Wincubator Building great and successful companies INVEST – Zuschuss Wagniskapital: How Germany rewards Europe’s business angels (N.N.) Gründerfonds Ruhr Christian Arndt, NRW.Bank, Düsseldorf 12.15 Transfer Zollverein to ruhr:HUB 1.00 pm ruhr:HUB: meeting point for digital start-ups - a joint initiative of Ruhr cities Oliver Weimann, Geschäftsführer ruhr:HUB GmbH, Essen Short cut: Business Angels Agentur Ruhr (BAAR) N.N., Angels Pitches & Lunch Snacks Talking about everyday life as an Angel investor in the Ruhr Area Petra Hartjes, Angels Investor Business Angels Agentur Ruhr Arne Oltmann, Angel Investor Business Angels Agentur Ruhr 3 pm Transfer to a Ruhr University Best Practices - digital learning for everyone Stefan Peukert, Founder and CEO, Masterplan, Bochum Businessplan competitions, hubs & technology centers • Start2grow, Dortmund • Businessplan Wettbewerb Medizinwirtschaft, Essen • Impact Hub Ruhr 6pm Uhr Drinks & Currywurst

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